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Ionised, Alkaline Water


Our bodies are 70% water and is needed for every function in the body e.g. our blood and cells are 90%; our liver 86%; our brain 85%; our kidneys 83%; our muscles 75%!! .
75% of people are chronically dehydrated; and dehydration can cause disease!!. Therefore the quality of water is of the utmost importance!!. Most water is acidic (also bottled and mineral waters), much of it is dead, with no minerals (e.g. distilled water), tap water is full of poisons (chlorine , fluoride and toxic metals), it doesn’t hydrate our cells and contains oxidants , instead of antioxidants. By the way, all the bottled water in plastic containers, have been bottled 1-3 years prior to your purchase! Read more »


Bodily requirements for water

Water is essential for life!. The human body is composed of 75% water (solvent in our bodies) and 25% solid matter (solute). Every vital function of the body is dependent on the efficient flow of water:

  • The movement of blood
  • Transportation of nutrients to our cells
  • Removal of waste from our cells
  • Flow of lymph fluid
  • Flow of hormones in our bodies
  • Functioning of our brains – brain tissue is 85% water.

If we become dehydrated, all of these functions would be impaired. As we become increasingly dehydrated, our thirst mechanism gradually fails, which leads to even more dehydration. Even MILD dehydration will slow one’s metabolism as much as 3%. Studies have shown that dehydration is the main trigger of daytime fatigue. “Dry mouth” is the “last’ outward sign of extreme dehydration. Dehydration is the most common deficiency in Western society. Chronic water shortage in the body leads to most diseases. Symptoms of chronic dehydration include allergies, asthma, chronic pains, constipation, colitis, migraine, hangover headaches, acidosis, dry and thinning of skin etc. Pain is a thirst signal not to be ignored!!.

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