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Combining different foods

Food combinations are vital for efficient food metabolism. When we eat what we eat, determines the nutrition we get from our food. Inadequate absorption of food causes degeneration of tissue. Therefore for perfect metabolism DO NOT COMBINE food high in starches with food high in proteins or fats in the same meal. Eating bread and potatoes with meats is a no-no!

A combination of high protein and high starches inhibits the absorption of all the nutrients and results in unnecessary burden upon the entire digestive system. Many illnesses are due to deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, which produce degeneration of certain tissues, which results in loss of resistance to infections and produce disease. It is not enough to have the essential elements in the food we eat, but they must be utilized by our bodies and available for our tissues. It is possible to eat nutritious food, but not benefiting from it at all, when we eat other foods at the same time that interfere with the proper digestion of vitamin and mineral bearing foods e.g. if we eat cheese (protein, rich in calcium) and at the time it reaches our small intestine and an alkaline digestive process is going on there (digesting the sugar and starches), the calcium will chemically combine with the alkali and become non-absorbable- it will pass through our bodies unused!

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Combining different food groups and weight control

Nutritionally related disease is often not due to a lack in our intake, but to a lack of ability to absorb the nutrients we have ingested.

The body is designed to combine most natural foods, without too much difficulty. It is the ULTRA CONCENTRATED carbohydrates that create problems, such as indigestion. FERMENTATION occurs when concentrated carbohydrates are trapped in the stomach, by the presence of protein and/or fat, which require three to five hours for digestion. The sugars combine with certain bacteria and create GAS. Therefore, high sugar foods (pastries, pies, cakes, white bread, macaroni, spaghetti, fruit) should be eaten alone and NOT combined with concentrated proteins and/or fats (meat fish, eggs, cheese, milk, butter). Spaghetti bolognaise, macaroni and cheese and chicken pie can only be eaten in heaven, where everything impure is made pure….with God’s grace!!.

Concentrated proteins and/fat CAN be eaten with complex carbohydrates (grains, whole grain bread, vegetables).

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