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Co-factors and the immune system

A child with omega-6 conversion problems may have a deficiency in the co-factor vitamins and minerals that are essential in helping the delta-6 desaturase enzyme to convert linoleic acid (LA) to prostaglandins. Vitamin A, certain B vitamins, magnesium, zinc and iron are important. Food allergies may make it difficult to get enough of Linolenic acid (LNA). To regulate EFA metabolism properly, enzymes depend on key co-factor vitamins B6, A, C and E and minerals – magnesium, zinc, copper and selenium. If you do get enough of these vitamins and minerals, the body will metabolize LA and LNA into prostaglandins. Prostaglandins regulate the lymphocytes, which include the white blood cells, T-cells and B-cells in the immune system. Macrophages clean up the bloodstream and when it encounters a bacterium (antigen) it carries it around, until it meets a helper T-cell. The Helper T-cells send the killer T-cells and B-cells into action. The B-cells produce antibodies and the suppressor T-cells stops the action, when the battle has been won. B-cells and T-cells are the mind of the immune system and have a memory (like the brain cells). B-cells learn to make antibodies for every one of the thousands of different germs, toxins, fungi , bacteria, viruses that invade the body in the course of a lifetime. T-cells remember every invader – the germ may make some headway the first time, but the second time it invades, the army will be ready.

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