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September 4, 2016

Ionised, Alkaline Water

by Helene van den Berg


Our bodies are 70% water and is needed for every function in the body e.g. our blood and cells are 90%; our liver 86%; our brain 85%; our kidneys 83%; our muscles 75%!! .
75% of people are chronically dehydrated; and dehydration can cause disease!!. Therefore the quality of water is of the utmost importance!!. Most water is acidic (also bottled and mineral waters), much of it is dead, with no minerals (e.g. distilled water), tap water is full of poisons (chlorine , fluoride and toxic metals), it doesn’t hydrate our cells and contains oxidants , instead of antioxidants. By the way, all the bottled water in plastic containers, have been bottled 1-3 years prior to your purchase!

Most humans are acidic, which promotes disease. On the Ph (“per Hydrogen”) scale, a Ph of 7 is neutral. A pH below 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline . Therefore, acidic tap/bottled water with a pH of 6 and below, would acidify our bodies and alkaline water with a pH of 8.5 – 9.5, would alkalinize our bodies.

Filters removes contaminants and reverse osmosis is dead water, but filters do not modify water structure!!. Ionized water (ionization by electrolysis) is healthy water!!.
Water has electrical energy (H+ is acidic and OH- is alkaline). The positive or negative characteristics of water are called the “oxidation reduction potential” (ORP), because of their ability to neutralize the free radicals in the body. Oxidation in the body causes ageing, inflammation and sickness. Ionized water is a SUPER-ANTIOXIDANT , by using it’s negative ORP (-400 ORP) to neutralize free radicals. Ionized water is also ALKALINE and “disease cannot live in an alkaline environment” (Dr Otto Warburg – 1931 Nobel Prize in Physiology). The water molecules of Ionized water, through electrolysis, are also MICRO-CLUSTERED (5-6 /cluster ), increasing solubility, cell permeability and better hydration. It allows you to drink much more water, without feeling discomfort.

Drinking Ionized water, is a MUST for cancer patients, because of it’s strong alkalinity, micro-clustering and low, negative ORP and free radical scavenging capabilities!!.
There are many different machines that produce ionized water, with the same technology, but the quality varies widely. A splitter (small lever) is installed on the tap and the water is diverted into the machine , where it is filtered, with the chlorine and contaminants exiting here. The water then enters the electrolysis chamber, where it passes over titanium , platinum coated plates, which serve as electrical conductors. The minerals in the water are ionized, restructuring it in alkaline (OH-) and acid (H+) components. The water then flows out of the machine via two different hoses – one for alkaline water (drinking) and one for acidic water (non-drinking for external uses).

The higher -end machines, like the Leveluk SD501, have 5 settings:
• Strong acidic water pH 2.5
• Beauty water pH 5.0 – 6.0
• Clean water pH 7.0
• Kangen water pH 8.5 – 9.5
• Strong acidic water pH 11.5

The 2.5 pH sanitizing water, kills microbes and bacteria and are used for open wounds, burns and infections; cleaning foods; sanitizing chopping boards and hands; insect repellent. The therapeutic uses are: psoriasis, eczema, acne, rash and gangrene.
The 5.0 – 6.0 pH beauty water are used for: hair care, face wash, cleaning, pet care, polishing mirrors, pasta cooking.

The 7.0 pH clean water is for taking Western medications and preparing infant formula milk.

The 8.5 – 9.5 pH water is the healthy drinking water and all forms of cooking and making beverages. Start at 8.5 and work up to 9.5, to allow the body to build up it’s alkalinity and bring about the healing process. Reactions like, headaches, slight nausea, tiredness and lethargy are short lived. The Hunza people live to 120 years old, because of eating a nutrient-dense diet and drinking water from the pristine glacial streams, which is similar to the structure of the ionized water.

The 11.5 pH cleaning water, removes oils and pesticides from fruits and vegetables, extends the refrigerated life of fresh produce; food preparation; stain removal, cleaning, laundry, dish washing; it is also good for arthritis/gout, muscle soreness, tissue injuries, by soaking in it, to extract the acids, associated with inflammation, injury and pain.

The Enagic company’s machine , with it’s Kangen water, is certified as a medical device in Japan and used in top Japanese hospitals. It is recommended by doctors for the prevention of illnesses. Kangen water is the water produced by Enagic ionizers that transform tap water, through electrolysis process, into ionized water, which is similar to healing waters and longevity waters found in nature. (To learn more about Kangen Water visit : The high quality, durable and versatile Leveluk SD 501 are the ” Enagic flagship” water ionizer for personal/household use , because it has the power to produce the recommended 9.5pH drinking water, the 11.5pH cleaning water (for fruits and veggies) and the 2.5pH sanitizing water (killing microbes/bacteria).

This machine has the adequate power to micro cluster the water and enough electrolysis to give a – 400 mV antioxidant level and maintain a large portion of that negative charge for 2-3 days – most other machines from other companies can’t do that!!. It will also last you for a lifetime, by taking good care of the machine.

The Enagic company are the unquestionable leaders of this industry and have been in business for over 30 years!. They are the ONLY Gold Seal certificated ionizer from the Water Quality Association (WQA), with other relevant ISO certifications. Their electrodes are made from SOLID titanium plates, dipped with medical graded platinum , charged with 230 V of electricity!. Their machines vary in price, depending on your purpose of use ($1300- travel , $4000 personal / household or $6000 – commercial) – you really get what you pay for!. Although Enagic’s units are a bit pricey, they are more than worth it for what you get, enhancing your health and might just save your life!. Remembering, that a single day in the hospital for a cancer patient now far exceeds $6000, these water ionizers could be a real bargain!. Robert G. Wright says in his book “Killing cancer, not people”: “If I were looking for an electrolysis unit today, I would choose SD 501 made by Enagic company….The fact is that I only want to buy ONE ionizer. I want it to be durable and to always produce the high alkaline, negative ORP, low-micro-clustered water that my body really thirsts for!”.

BEWARE: Many ionizers claim to be equally as good as any other at half the price!. Don’t believe it!. Most of them will NOT produce the lasting antioxidants (ORP), nor the quality of water they claim. They don’t have the internal plate surface area to provide you with enough litres of water, without breaking, overheating or shutting off. They also don’t have enough power from a reliable transformer to cause efficient and effective electrolysis and their cleaning system is not efficient enough to prevent calcium build-up on the plates.

We maintain our health and heal primarily by making new cells and to do that, our cells require a voltage of -50 V…accompanied by a good diet and detoxification. Without the ability to achieve -50mV , the necessary building materials and removing damaging toxins from your body, you cannot maintain your health and you suffer chronic diseases and aging. You don’t need drugs to heal, you need -50mV….which comes from drinking ionized, alkaline water.

Here are some EXPERT OPINIONS on ionized water:

  • Dr William Kelley , author of “Cancer cure”, said: “Alkaline water produced by a water ionizer, has become the most important advancement in health care since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin!. The hydroxyl ions in ionized water neutralize cancer – causing free radicals in the body.
  • Dr Wright says that a 12 ounce glass of ionized water has more antioxidant capacity in the human body, than all the organic – vegetables and fruits that you could possibly eat in one day!!.
  • One glass of ionized water hydrate your body better than litres of any other water.
  • The hydroxyl ions in ionized water neutralize cancer causing free radicals in the body.
  • You don’t need expensive medicine with all the negative side effects to regain health – you only need ionized, alkaline water, which provides effective antioxidants and alkalizes the body.
  • You only need to drink 2 ½ – 3 litres of ionized, alkaline water to combat a wide range of diseases like: cancer, obesity, diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, kidney disease, allergies, skin diseases etc. They are all slowed, stopped and in most cases reversed, when drinking ionized water.
  • Dr. Hiromi Shinya ( co-developer of the colonoscopy and world – renowned, for removing polyps in the colon through the “Shinya-method”) has verified that Ionized water can flush toxins out of your body better , with much less negative effects, than any other detox program!! . In his book “The Enzyme factor” he stated: “alkaline-rich Kangen water is the very best drinking water, because of it’s incomparable powers of hydration, detoxification and antioxidation” . He has put all of his patients on a high alkaline diet with a minimum of one gallon of ionized water (depending on body size)/day. All of the cancer patients treated by him and his team , had a ZERO recurrence of ANY kind of cancer!!. Amazing!

• Boosts your immune system
• detoxifies
• Improves your circulation
• Keeps your kidneys healthy
• improves bowel movement
• improves digestion
• Helps control calories
• Gives muscle relief
• Improves your skin/complexion
• Energizes
• Makes you look and feel younger!!

THERAPEUTIC KANGEN WATER would be beneficial in the following cases:
• Diabetes
• Cardiovascular
• Insomnia
• Acid reflux
• Back pain
• Gout
• Arthritis
• Low immunity


Accumulated toxins are behind nearly every disease, or malfunctioning of the body, BUT if we get these toxic chemicals out of the body, we can reverse and even cure the most hopeless disease!!. (Sherry A Rogers, MD)

  • COFFEE ENEMAS – The liver is your major detox organ. The coffee enema has been used hundreds of years to detoxify the liver. It is a low-volume enema that remains only in the sigmoid colon. The caffeine, that is absorbed into the entero-hepatic system, causes the liver ducts and bile ducts to open and empty the toxic stool into the sigmoid colon and be eliminated. The coffee enema will increase the transit time in the bowel. The alkaloids in the caffeine stimulate the production of the enzyme , glutathione- S -transferase, that facilitates the liver detoxification pathways. Electrolytes and minerals are not wasted by the coffee enema, because they have been absorbed in the previous sections of the intestines. The coffee enema is safe, because the coffee remains in the sigmoid colon. (please note not to place the enema bag too high and to use the right amount of coffee fluid). The coffee enema will stimulate liver detoxification, as well as helping to cleanse the colon.

Replace your Starbucks coffee with the perfect “star-butt coffee!.

  • PRECISION INTESTINAL OXIDATIVE HYDROTONING (PIOH) – It is the ultimate therapy!!. Colonic Hydrotherapy is a reverse flow system, which detoxifies the body of build-up heavy metals, toxic substances and dead cells. It is a combination of ultra purified, balanced water which is “ozoned”, producing poly-atomic oxygen and hands-on visceral stimulation. The stacks of testimonials of patients healed in a relatively short time, from Lyme disease to cancer, proves it is a miracle treatment!!. Detox is critical and essential to any healing. PIOH is the absolute pinnacle of detoxification!!.
  • ULTRAVIOLET BLOOD IRRADIATION (UVBI) – A small amount of blood is withdrawn and passed through a chamber where it is subjected to a specific spectrum of ultraviolet light and then returned to the body. The UVBI inactivated killed all bacteria, inactivated viruses and toxins, increased oxygen in the blood, activated the production of vitamin D, normalized white cell counts and increased red blood cells.
  • SODIUM CHLORITE (MMS) AND DIMETHYL SULFOXIDE (DMSO) – MMS, when activated in the form of chlorine dioxide, it is an excellent antimicrobial and parasite remedy. DMSO is an amazing anti-inflammatory, it alleviates pain, is an antioxidant relieves scleroderma, cystitis, and arthritis. For cancer patients , these two work together, because DMSO draws and opens up the cancerous cells, so that the chlorine dioxide can step in and kill the microbe inside the cell, reverting it back to a normal cell. A gentleman with esophageal cancer has been healed, by using DMSO alone!.
  • RIFE TECHNOLOGY – In 1934 Royal Raymond Rife used radio frequency (RF) energy to destroy pathogens, by increasing their oscillations till they disintegrated. Rife produced a 100% cure rate for terminal cancer patients within 4 months!.A frequency generator, GB-4000, with the SR-4 Linear Amplifier sells for about $ 2,300.
  • SKIN CANCER- a product called Curaderm – BEC5 is a combination of glycosides from eggplant, which destroy cancer cells, without destoying the healthy cells – a proven cure for non-melanoma skin cancer!.
  • OZONE THERAPY – is done intravenously , by using peroxide and ozone, which is super-charged with oxygen. It is important to choose your practitioner wisely to have the best results!. (consult IOMA).

CONCLUSION: (prevention/treatment of cancer)

To conclude, do not have surgery, unless it is imminently necessary to save your life (e.g. tumor blocks the bile duct, arteries), as well as no chemotherapy, radiation (except insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) to shrink the tumor immediately, to save your life). Stop eating ALL SUGAR, all packaged foods, refined foods/flours, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, table salt, black pepper, all meat, dairy products, peanuts, cashews, corn (fungus), stop drinking SODAS, tap water/bottled water, alcohol, coffee. Do away with all personal care products with chemicals (especially fluoridated toothpaste!). Eat an alkaline diet high in raw vegetables and juice them. Use a green leafy supplement like Moringa powder/barleygrass/ wheat grass. Drink ionized water and take Reliv supplements daily. Detox your colon (PIOH treatment), liver and gallbladder and do a parasitic cleanse. Remember the coffee enema. Spend 15-30 minutes in the sun daily (not sunburned; don’t use damaging sun protection lotions). Do an initial “Navarro Urine Test” and then every other month, to follow the remission of cancer in your body. Find an advocate to support you, as well as a cancer coach. If it is hard to follow the nutritional plan yourself, consider a cancer clinic. For late sage 3 /stage 4 cancer patients, consider a GB-4000 and undergo Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation therapy. If you are still able, exercise and use a rebounder, to drain the lymphatic system. Have a positive attitude and good understanding of your treatment plan.

DEVINE HEALING IS IN JESUS and His finished work on the cross – by His stripes you are healed, made whole and healthy!.

I pray :
May the lord bless you and keep you (healthy);
The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The Lord turn his face towards you
And give you peace (that surpasses all understanding).
(Numbers 6:24-26)

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