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September 4, 2016

Cancer – No Death Sentence

by Helene van den Berg

NOTE: This article is not written only for cancer patient, but for any person who wants to live a healthy, vibrant energetic , cancer-free –life!!

Robert G. Wright’s book “Killing Cancer, not People”, is one of the most informative, practical and encouraging books I have read on PREVENTING, TREATING and HEALING cancer the natural way. He stresses that every patient has a right to choose their own treatment and it is every cancer patient’ responsibility to educate themselves on effective treatments and seek the TRUTH about what will heal them – not what is convenient!!. It is up to you to take control of your own health – your own life is at stake, not your doctor’s!!.

Conventional cancer therapy – chemotherapy, radiation and surgery – is toxic, degrading
and it doesn’t work. As they kill the cancer cells, they also kill healthy cells, damage the immune system, as well as damaging the absorption of nutrients by the digestive tract.
Therefore, these treatments CAN’T CURE THE CANCER (it has spread already), WITHOUT KILLING THE PATIENT FIRST!!.

Don’t rush into these therapies, out of FEAR or LACK of KNOWLEDGE of alternative therapies!!. With cancer, we cannot afford to make mistakes, miss opportunities or be led astray. 95% of those who followed the conventional medicine route, are not alive within 5 years of diagnosis!. When do we stop getting “treated to death?”.

When seeking treatment for cancer, consider seriously what it means to “DO NO HARM” , “LET YOUR BODY HEAL ITSELF” (with the help of your own immune system), “FOOD IS THY MEDICINE” and the QUALITY and QUANTITY of your life after cancer.

“The definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!” (Albert Einstein)


Cancer is a SYSTEMIC disease, therefore cancer needs to be treated EVERYWHERE in the body, rather than relying solely on LOCAL surgery, local radiation and chemotherapy. In primary cancer (few exceptions) the tumor is neither threatening your health or life, but it is the SPREAD of that disease through the rest of the body, that is the major threat!.

According to Dr. Robert O. Young, “cancer is an ACID problem – it is not a virus. It is an infection, due to excess fermentation in the weakest part of the body. Cancer is a SYSTEMIC problem, that has LOCALIZED….it is NOT a localized problem that is metastisizing”.

Cancer cells are ANAEROBIC (no oxygen) and feed by FERMENTING SUGAR in an ACID environment!!. Therefore, SUGAR, ACID and FERMENTATION are always linked to cancer.


It is estimated that 5% of us may carry a gene that pre-disposes us to cancer. Even within this 5% the gene must be EXPRESSED to start the cancer. How we live our lives to prevent it, will play a MAJOR ROLE in whether or not that “expression” will happen.

EPIGENETICS or turning “on” or “off” of the specific genes does play a role!!. With any disease, like cancer, the wrong genes are expressed/turned “on” and this causes the problem.


ALLOW THE BODY TO HEAL ITSELF….with the help of the immune system

The TRUTH about cancer and any other disease are, that they are healable, through the IMMUNE SYSTEM. Your immune system is the primary disease fighting mechanism – not anti-biotics, poisons, antacids and radiation!. Therefore, the only thing that will prevent the spread of cancer, is the body’s OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM to function as NORMAL. Nutritional therapy does that. It treats the DEFENSE MECHANISMS, not the tumor!!. Taking immune system boosting products, will almost certainly PREVENT the RECURRENCE of your cancer!.

No instruments or tests can detect the relatively small number of the very hardy, cancer cells that always remain after conventional treatment. With your immune system destroyed by the chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, they continue to divide in a “cancer friendly” environment. Therefore, the boosting of a cancer patient’s immune system is the FIRST PRIORITY!!.


Cancer thrives in an anaerobic, acidic, toxic and in a body with a weakened immune system. Therefore, keys to prevent cancer in your body are:

  • to maintain a proper acidic/alkaline balance
  • increase oxygen levels
  • decrease toxin levels
  • detoxify the body
  • strengthen the immune system



75% of root canalled teeth have residual bacterial infections, producing toxic wastes that enter the blood stream, affecting all parts of the body. A Swiss doctor has found that in 98% of breast cancer patients had one or more canalled teeth on the same acupuncture meridian as the original breast cancer tumor!. Also, avoid and get rid of those mercury and amalgam fillings!. Studies have shown there is a link between the accumulation of metals like mercury, nickel and cadmium and the malignant growth process of breast cancer!. A Thermogram shows a definite trail from the root canalled teeth to the infected breast!.


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