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May 29, 2014

Combining different food groups and weight control

by Helene van den Berg

Nutritionally related disease is often not due to a lack in our intake, but to a lack of ability to absorb the nutrients we have ingested.

The body is designed to combine most natural foods, without too much difficulty. It is the ULTRA CONCENTRATED carbohydrates that create problems, such as indigestion. FERMENTATION occurs when concentrated carbohydrates are trapped in the stomach, by the presence of protein and/or fat, which require three to five hours for digestion. The sugars combine with certain bacteria and create GAS. Therefore, high sugar foods (pastries, pies, cakes, white bread, macaroni, spaghetti, fruit) should be eaten alone and NOT combined with concentrated proteins and/or fats (meat fish, eggs, cheese, milk, butter). Spaghetti bolognaise, macaroni and cheese and chicken pie can only be eaten in heaven, where everything impure is made pure….with God’s grace!!.

Concentrated proteins and/fat CAN be eaten with complex carbohydrates (grains, whole grain bread, vegetables).

WEIGHT CONTROL and carbohydrate metabolism

Weight control and correction of carbohydrate metabolism are important. Excess weight and insulin insensitivity lead to hypercalcuria (abnormally high concentration of calcium in the urine), which can cause stone formation. After sugar is ingested, the calcium levels in the urine is higher, along with decreased phosphate reabsorption; this leads to low plasma phosphate; more active vitamin D is produced; increase in intestinal calcium absorption with simultaneous higher excretion of calcium.

“Carbohydrates are fattening” is a myth. “Fat is more fattening” is the truth!. Why?

People mistakenly think of carbohydrates as “fattening” and avoid them when trying to lose weight. Such a strategy may be helpful if the carbohydrates are concentrated sugars (soft drinks, cookies, candies etc), but it is counterproductive if the carbohydrates are from whole grains, vegetables and legumes. Not all carbohydrates are created equal. Scarsdale diet (low carbohydrate and high-protein) and others, lead to nutritional deficiencies and metabolic imbalances. It is doomed to fail, since it leaves the person feeling weak, irritable and hungry; the person fall back to old eating habits and the lost pounds return!.

A high carbohydrate diet, consisting of complex carbohydrates, is effective in controlling weight!. Complex carbohydrates not only fill you up, but the body STORES these carbohydrates LESS EFFICIENTLY as fat tissue than dietary fats; the digestion of carbohydrates itself burns more calories than the same amounts of fat e.g. 75% of the excess carbohydrate calories are stored as fat. 97% of excess fat calories are stored as fat. Fat is more fattening, because fat is converted to body fat MORE EFFECTIVELY; more calories is burned by the body after eating carbohydrates than it is for fat (“thermic effect of carbohydrates”). Men who overate both fats and complex carbohydrate foods, gained weight more slowly than men who overate a high-fat diet alone!.



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